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Here is the blog of our comenius project 2010-2012 "Our Planet in Our Hands". We are five schools from France, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Turkey.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Christmas is coming soon! And so are all our Christmas cards made of recycled material!!!

Our pupils were really happy to do this task, and were all quite creative. It shows how, with only bits and pieces of what would otherwise be thrown to the bin, with some imagination, it's possible to make wonderful postcards which are original and quite free! It just takes some time, involving you in a pleasant activity, especially with that snowy weather we have right now!

I will soon add pictures of our postcards (once you have received them!), as well as the exhibition we made at school with all the postcards that we kept here with us!

About visiting France



It was the day I flew for the first time. I had a strange feeling.
I arrived! This is France! Is the first country I’m visiting. I do not believe it and yet it is real! I'll stay for a week to a family in the town of Troyes, to exchange experience. The family welcomed me warmly from the first moment.


After a long sleep, I woke up. I had breakfast and I went to school. The English teacher with four girls showed us the school. Some journalists have come to do an article about this project. We sang a song for they.


At college I wrote an article about how it seems to us France, the city of Troyes ,the school and the host family. I'm not complaining, the conditions are good, especially food.


Early in the morning, we went on a trip in the woods. The cold did not prevent anyone to quit. The Troyes’s forest is the beautiful. The guide explained us that depending on the position they have, the trees are used for furniture (if they are straight) and for paper (if they have bumps). We also saw the three reservoirs of the Seine and a National Park.
I had dinner and…good night!


The best day. We went to Paris, the city of lights and love. It is a beautiful town. We visited Eiffel Tower, a Science Museum, Notre Dame cathedral and the Luvru Museum.
A very nice experience and, at the same time, very tiring. In the night, I slept like a baby.


Our last day in Troyes. We visited The City Hall and a primary school. I played at school handball, volleyball and table tennis. A sad day. I take my farewell from the host family


I’m here! The arrival in Romania. I am very happy. I saw my family. I am very tired. Good night!

Thank you French friends!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Visit to France by Mathilde

Comenius Project:Visit to France

Monday, 22 november 2010:

 Arrival of the partners! (Romania, Turkey, Poland, Latvia)

We sang a song invented by Mrs KREILOS, one of both music professors of our school. The partners also sang. Later, Maxime took his accordion and played " Dans le port d’ Amsterdam " and we made "hou-". Before they arrived, with Mrs Bienvenu, we had prepared room 5. Marie Margaux made beautiful decorations, in particular a picture (board) representing a bird. In the afternoon, I was not there. We ate all together at the canteen.

Tuesday, 23 november 2010:

We went to Troyes to show the city to partners. We left school on foot, and we walked  through factories. Later, adults presented the architecture of Troyes. Then we went to a church. Then we visited the other buildings or the monuments. In the end, we (only French) went to one or two stores to buy candies and cakes. We gave it to the partners! In the evening we returned by bus.

Wednesday, 24 november 2010:

We had no school. The partners went to the lake or the forest, I don't know.

Thursday, 25 november 2010:

We went to Paris!!! We left at 8:00 am. At about 11:00 am, we arrived at the Jardin des plantes. We ate at 11:30 am. At 12:20 am, the partners had a visit in English of the natural history museum. At 12:40 am, it was our visit in French. It was impressive. We saw skeletons of whales, stuffed animals... We also learnt many things! In the afternoon, we walked to the Institute of the Arab World ( IMA). We went to the ninth floor! We had a beautiful view of Paris. We saw even the Eiffel Tower. Then, we went to Notre-Dame. We entered inside, it was beautiful and big. We went tosome famous places of Paris, to the Louvre... But the sky was not very beautiful and was very polluted. In the evening, we saw the Eiffel Tower! We even drove along the Champs Elysées by bus.
We returned to Saint Savine at 10:15 pm.

Friday, 26 november 2010:

The last day! In the morning, we visited a primary school. Then we went to the city hall. We visited... The mayor delivered a speech, and Mrs Bienvenu translated. Later, we went to the " Wedding room " where we sang again. Then we had a small apéritif. In the afternoon, they had sport but I did not go.

Very beautiful week!

Mathilde D. 4°3
Visit of the partners in France

Sunday, 5 December 2010

A song: I protect my planet!

The song by French, Polish, Turkish, Romanian and Latvian partners.

This song was created by our music teacher, Mrs Béatrice Kreilos. We sang it together to celebrate our partners visit, on Monday, November 22nd! It was a very nice moment!

Visit to France: we were on local TV!

Here is the presentation of the Polish School: some of you watched it in France on Monday, November 22nd.
Have a look!